What I’m reading in January 2021

Hello and welcome to my first reading status of 2021! The new year began with a very prolific reading experience, as I read 5 books this month. A diverse blend of historical fiction, magical realism, and murder mystery! Interestingly, 3 out of the 5 books I read were written by Japanese writers! While I did not consciously choose to focus on books from Japan, I am so happy that I expanded my reading horizon.

What I’m reading in October 2020

Since the previous reading status in Steptember I finished 4 books - keeping up with my personal record for 2020! And what an interesting blend: non-fiction, murder mystery, and exotic settings such as Madagascar and West Africa. Cheers to many more months like that!

What I’m reading in August 2020

Hello and welcome to my August 2020 reading status - last reading status of this summer (from the European perspective)! While in the process of writing this post I realized that the monthly updates keeps me  accountable of what I read, thus encouraging me to try my best to finish at least one book a … Continue reading What I’m reading in August 2020