Favourite books of 2020 by Readers’ High Tea & friends

For the 2020 favourites post I asked my closest friends to join me and share their favourite books of the year. The result is an extraordinary reading list with inspiring fiction and non-fiction books, a list infinitely better than what I could have written only based on my 2020 books.

Freediving, renegade science and what the ocean tells us about ourselves: Deep by James Nestor (book review)

The holiday to Aotearoa New Zealand at the beginning of 2020 was eye-opening in terms of appreciating the wonders of Mother Nature. One experience in particular was breathtaking - a brief encounter with a sperm whale in Kaikoura. My subsequent enthusiastic research about sperm whales led me to James Nestor, his website mrjamesnestor and his book "Deep".

Children from books who teach us valuable life lessons

As June is the month of celebrating childhood in many countries around the world, I join the party by sharing with you stories of amazing children and teenagers from books. This post presents a list of children, main characters in fiction and non-fiction books, each one portraying valuable life lessons.

Book recommendations to upgrade yourself (cc: The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by V. Lakhiani)

My relationship with non-fiction books is ... complicated, especially with the self-development ones. While I acknowledge their potential usefulness, I miss the plot twists that I enjoy so much in fiction books. However, from time to time I find a self-development book I actually like reading - and this is the case with "The Code … Continue reading Book recommendations to upgrade yourself (cc: The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by V. Lakhiani)

Behind the scenes with the 44th First Lady of the USA: Becoming by Michelle Obama (book review)

"Becoming" my Michelle Obama was another book I received this summer, along with other 17 books (the joy! <3). This book was the most surprising one to receive, as I had already strong plans to read it (meaning that I had borrowed it from Bookster just 1 week before actually receiving my own copy). It goes without saying that I read my own book, which also had a lovely wish written on it ❀

A story of will and family tangles: Educated by Tara Westover (book review)

During this summer I was so fortunate to receive 18 books (as a surprise!) from dear friends of mine ❀ Fiction stories, memoirs, personal development books - a wonderful mix that will keep me busy (at least) for the rest of the year. One of these books was "Educated" by Tara Westover, an incredible story that immediately caught my attention.

Non-fiction mini reviews: personal development & psychology

Hello! During the first months of 2019 I read 3 personal development books that I want to share with you - maybe you'll be inspired to read them! One of them is about being more organized (from different points of view), while the other two books are about human psychology. Β§ "The Organized Mind" by … Continue reading Non-fiction mini reviews: personal development & psychology

Life isn’t about avoiding suffering: When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi (book review)

There is a certain species of books that get to the deepest parts of your soul and make you ask yourself questions so profound that they leave a significant imprint on you. "When Breath Becomes Air" is exactly this type of book - a memoir of a brilliant man faced with a heartbreaking fate.

Life in the Annex during German occupation: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank (book review)

Every single time I visited Amsterdam there was an impressively long queue at the Anne Frank House, where Anne and other 7 Jewish people hid for 2 years from German soldiers during WWII. And I was always wondering why wait for so many hours just to visit a museum? Well, after reading "The Diary of … Continue reading Life in the Annex during German occupation: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank (book review)