My experience with requesting books (eARCs) on NetGalley compared to Edelweiss

Back in December 2020 I shared about my short and quite unsuccessful experience with Edelweiss. Based on the comments I received to that post from fellow bloggers, I decided to try Netgalley as well ... My conclusion after less than 2 months: Netgalley is THE place for bloggers to receive advanced reading copies!

A self-discovery journey of young and old: We Are All Birds of Uganda by Hafsa Zayyan (book review)

We Are All Birds of Uganda was the first book I read about Uganda and its culture. It is story that will take you far away, both in time and geography. You will certainly empathize with Sameer and his journey of self-discovery, and you will get a glimpse into the 1970s Uganda by following the journey of his grandfather.

Australia’s bushfires, anger, grief, and a vanishing world: The Living Sea of Waking Dreams by Richard Flanagan (book review)

The Living Sea of Waking Dreams is about grief, anger, and a vanishing world. A slow but sure collapse. It is one of the most anchored to reality books I read in a while, and also one of the most touching stories.

My experience with requesting books (eARCs) on Edelweiss

In September 2020, after 4 years of blogging, I decided to give it a try with reading eARCs (electronic Advanced Reading Copies) - the books that are sent to bloggers / librarians / other interested parties before they are officially published.