What I’m reading in August 2021: dystopia, a bit of Kafka, and an amazing Caribbean story

After a short and sweet holiday aboard (first one since the pandemic started!) I'm back with a reading status I'm proud of! In the past month I read 3 books aaand I also managed to write their reviews before publishing this update! 🤩

Before and after the water crisis hits the Earth: The End of the Ocean by Maja Lunde (book review)

More than one year ago I read my first climate fiction book - The History of Bees by Maja Lunde. Ever since I've been (not so) patiently waiting for the release of the second book of the series - The End of the Ocean. Read it, loved it, ready to share my thoughts with you!

What I’m reading in July 2021: dystopia, dystopia, dystopia … and a bit of fantasy

July is here! It's a time of celebrations - my birthday and our wedding anniversary are the highlights of the month 🥳 Plus the excitement of the upcoming summer holiday in August ☀️  Let's get to the bookish side of life! July seems to be all about dystopian stories, with a touch of fantasy. Finishing … Continue reading What I’m reading in July 2021: dystopia, dystopia, dystopia … and a bit of fantasy

Dystopia – my favourite genre?! 10 dystopian books I read

Margaret Atwood said that dystopian stories are like a signpost saying "bad future ahead if you go this way" - I love this metaphor! And dystopia seems to be one of my favourite genres, based on my recent reads. Here are 10 dystopian books that I enjoyed reading, in a random-aesthetically-pleasing order 🙂

Series Spotlight: The Climate Quartet by Maja Lunde

The global climate change and its consequences affect all of us, and it is a topic that I haven't seen in the fiction world ... until now. When I heard of Maja Lunde and her Climate Quartet I knew from the beginning that it is something I want to explore!

What happens when bees go extinct: The History of Bees by Maja Lunde (book review)

Earlier this year, during a small talk at the office (yes, it was a long time ago), I first heard of "The History of Bees". The enthusiasm of my colleague had already convinced me to read the book, and I prioritized it after finding out that it tackles climate change issues. Fiction + climate change = a book I definitely want to read as soon as possible!