Reading Japanese authors in January: Haruki Murakami, Toshikazu Kawaguchi, and Sayaka Muraka

January 2021 was a very prolific in terms of reading, especially reading Japanese authors! As part of the Japanese literature challenge, in this post I share 4 books I read this month, plus other recommendations and ideas.

Favourite books of 2020 by Readers’ High Tea & friends

For the 2020 favourites post I asked my closest friends to join me and share their favourite books of the year. The result is an extraordinary reading list with inspiring fiction and non-fiction books, a list infinitely better than what I could have written only based on my 2020 books.

Books I (want to) read because bloggers recommended them (Top Ten Tuesday)

Fellow bloggers inspire me so much to read and explore books that I wouldn't have thought of myself! I join this week's Top Ten Tuesday with a 5+5 formula: 5 books I already read and 5 books I want to read soon, all recommended by bloggers.