Hello and welcome to this section! Here you can find out more about the blog and about Georgiana, the person behind Readers’ High Tea.

About the blog

Readers’ High Tea was born out of my interest in books and everything that is related to books. Here you can find posts about the books I read, cool bookstores I discover, and other bookish stuff. I see the blog as a meeting place for book readers, or as a High Tea party: a cosy environment where friends share what books they read, while also enjoying a good cup of tea.

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I also want to explain a bit the name of the blog, especially the high tea part. According to Cambridge dictionary, high tea is defined as:

“a light meal eaten in the late afternoon or early evening that usually includes cooked food, cakes, and tea to drink”

Having a cup of tea and something to eat in the afternoon is a British tradition, and it became a bridging meal between lunch and dinner. Whereas the upper class used to sit on comfortable and low chairs, the working class usually served the afternoon meal at the usual dining table while sitting on high chairs, thus the name high tea (The Spruce.com)

However, the term high tea was lately used to describe a fancier afternoon tea. I see it more like a social gathering in a cosy place, friends eating something delicious and drinking tea while also discussing what they’ve been up to. In our case, discussing book-related subjects.

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About me

My name is Georgiana and I live in Bucharest (Romania). My background is a combination between computer science studies and management of technology.

I enjoy travelling, discovering cool restaurants and cafés, and of course reading (mostly fiction novels). When it comes to sports, I am a Pilates fan, I like biking, snowboarding, and playing squash.

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‘Till next time … happy reading!


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