What do you get when you combine enthusiasm for book covers with desire to travel? You guessed: book covers around the world!

Few weeks ago I read “The Pearl” by John Steinbeck and I also wrote a book review for Steinebeck’s novella. Being a very well-known book, the book has been translated in many languages … each translation having its own special cover design. I’ve made a selection of 13 (lucky 13!) book covers from different countries that you can check out below.

Note: if you haven’t read the book, I recommend you to first get acquainted with the basic storyline, to better understand the cover illustrations and the remarks I wrote for each of them.

To begin with, this is how the first edition looked like in 1947:

first edition pearl readers high tea

Since then, many English editions of the book were published, some of them having a more modern and symbolic approach toward the cover design:

pearl cover readers high tea

I’ve also included covers from Latin countries (Romania, Spain, and Portugal). These seem to stick to the boat concept and use blue color tones.

pearl latin covers readers high tea

Northern European countries have seem to have more abstract designs of the book covers. While the Finnish and Danish editions use blue covers and relate to the story (using a pearl and waves), the Swedish edition uses solar colors and seems a bit unconnected, from my point of view.

pearl nordic covers readers high tea

You can also see three covers of Asian editions: Turkey, Japan, and Korea. I thin the most unusual book cover is the Korean one, which is quite erotic and does not really depict any aspect of the book.

Readers high tea korean japanese pearl

I hope you enjoyed this journey around the world!

Which one is your favourite cover? My favourite one is the English edition I placed on the left, I like the light colours and the way the pearl diver is depicted 🙂

‘Till next time … happy reading!


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Images sources: English editionEnglish edition | English edition | Romanian edition| Spanish edition | Portuguese edition |Swedish editionFinnish edition | Danish edition | Turkish edition |  Japanese edition | Korean edition | World map image





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