What do you get when you combine enthusiasm for book covers with desire to travel? You guessed: book covers around the world!

Few weeks ago I read “The Pearl” by John Steinbeck and I also wrote a book review for Steinebeck’s novella. Being a very well-known book, the book has been translated in many languages … each translation having its own special cover design. I’ve made a selection of 13 (lucky 13!) book covers from different countries that you can check out below.

To begin with, this is how the first edition looked like in 1947:

first edition pearl readers high tea

Since then, many English editions of the book were published, some of them having a more modern approach toward the cover design:

pearl cover readers high tea

I’ve also included covers from Latin countries (Romania, Spain, and Portugal):

pearl latin covers readers high tea

Northern European countries have seem to have more abstract designs of the book covers:

pearl nordic covers readers high tea

You can also see three covers of Asian editions: Turkey, Japan, and Korea:

Readers high tea korean japanese pearl

I hope you enjoyed this journey around the world!

Which one is your favourite cover? My favourite one is the English edition I placed on the left, I like the light colours and the way the pearl diver is depicted 🙂


‘Till next time … happy reading!


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Images sources: English editionEnglish edition | English edition | Romanian edition| Spanish edition | Portuguese edition |Swedish editionFinnish edition | Danish edition | Turkish edition |  Japanese edition | Korean edition | World map image





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