Bookstores in The Netherlands

If you enjoy reading books, there are high chances that you also enjoy visiting bookstores. I am very keen on discovering bookstores when I visit a city, as I feel it gets me closer to the culture and spirit of that place.

During the two years spent in the Netherlands I’ve discovered three very nice and cosy bookstores. Two of them are situated in Amsterdam, and the other one in Maastricht. Below I will tell you why I consider they are worth visiting if you live in The Netherlands or you visit the Dutch lands.

1) American Book Center Amsterdam

This is a bookstore I discovered when I first visited Amsterdam four years ago. Its cosy atmosphere and wooden details impressed me, along with the main staircase that has bookshelves on its side.

Image from

They also have a store in The Hague, but in my opinion it’s not as nice as the one in Amsterdam. You can visit their website here.

2) Waterstone’s Amsterdam

Waterstone’s bookstores are usually very cosy, and the one in Amsterdam makes no exception. What I like the most is that they have a reading corner, situated at the third floor, where you can rest and maybe read a book or a magazine.

Image from Waterstone’s Amsterdam facebook page

They also have different decorations depending on the latest books published. For example, when I visited the last time they were celebrating the new Harry Potter book, and there were Hogwarts letters hanging from the ceiling.


3) Boekhandel Dominicanen Maastricht

This is one of the most spectacular bookstores I’ve ever seen … because it is an ancient Dominican church transformed into a bookstore. If you want to find out more about its history and architecture, this article is a good starting point.


I also liked that at the entrance they have the word “books” written in many languages – including Romanian 🙂


Now it’s your turn! Where have you discovered amazing bookshops? I’d love to hear from you which ones are worth visiting 🙂

‘Till next time … happy reading!


PS: pictures are from my personal archive unless mentioned otherwise


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